Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New life;

Heyyooo folks.

Here I am again. I never thought i would write again. Coz guys, i got a job. Oh sorry i should sound more interesting. I got a job guys!! And since then my life changed. Completely.

You know before this i was so frustrated because i didn't get a call for interview and stuff. While all my other friends one by one was hitting the 'I am now have a career' button. I almost broke my hand applying for jobs you know but Allah knows best. And suddenly, my friend asked me to submit my CV and to make things short, I was chosen to fill in the spot.

All I ever wanted, a JOB. Now that i got one, it does not excite me anymore. I mean, at first, I was slowly absorbing new things and all procedures all documents all reports etc, when i got hit by reality, that it is not easy. You have to deal with fierce, unpredictable, annoying, all kinds mix in one, PEOPLE. I mean I am so sure that almost everybody is facing the same problem (or it is just me?).

And all those shits happened to me and everyday I was crying like a spoil brat (and I am not okay). And thinking about work stressed me out like hell, I could not eat, I lost 3 kgs I guess, I could not sleep like I was up every 2 hours woke up in anxiety and worries, 'What will happen to me today?' or 'What new mistake that I have done?' or 'When all this will be over?. Like I am sorry if this post is so annoying to you and you would probably thinking, 'what on earth is wrong with this girl, it is just a freaking job! Just suck it!'

Well! I am sucking it okayy. I know behind all those troubles and shits, I have to believe that something good is going to come out of it. Now things are okay. I am still learning new things everyday. I should be grateful I got an understanding and knowledgeable boss so I can learn lots from him. And also my colleagues who are so helpful and awesome. You might think that I am crazy right now, coz if I have a cool boss and good people around me why was i so stressed out? That is something i should not share coz you see, i use my real name here so if I write about those names they might find it and it could cause me another hell to deal with later.

So people, when you are down, just tell yourself, 'I will be okay'.
Screw the rest.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Like a Boss;

I will post more. Yeah right I will post more. This is what i was talking about. I cant keep my promises. You know I got this disease of getting bored so easily. And I'm not consistent in what I'm doing which is bad. Badly bad. 

Okay, what can I say life's like in a paradise. I've been on holiday for almost 2 months now and practically unemployed. No one wants to take me in into their big great companies. I'm sad like that. It's true that for the first 2 weeks when I was starting my holiday I said like 'Ahh give me a break mum. I want to rest first. Don't bother asking me about jobs whatsoever'. It went quite like that. I think. 

And now I'm in big huge massive of regrets that I didn't send the jobs' application earlier. Or else i can start saving some money for my dreamy wedding now. For what seems in like 18 more years. Ahh God, I hope not.

But it's cool regardless. I get to watch tonnes of movies OH myGod it's heaven. And i got to read books too. I just finished I've Got Your Number by Kinsella it was pretty good. Now I'm moving on to Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern. I have through 100 pages and I'm stuck. I don't wanna get off my bed because I'm so engrossed in my reading. It's amazing how words can touch your heart and make the hair at your neck standing, like it is so thrilling. And it's not even an action novel. If you ask me. Yeah I'm weird like that. But whatever. 

For now, I'm gonna rest like a boss. Coz I know once I've got a job, I wont have the time in the world to  return here and write some awesome or shitty stories, in my own freaking blog. Maybe yes, after 10 years.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Makkah al Mukarramah;

I miss Makkah.

I miss Makkah so much I could cry. When i was there, sometimes i didn't go to Masjidil Haram to perform my prayers. I was just doing it in my room. Right now when I think of it, I'm full of regrets. There were days of barakah and God knows whether I will ever go there again later or not, and I did not make a full effort of it. Even worse, I don't feel like i'm changing for the better. It gets worse sometimes. I still not be able to control my temper, still talking bad about people, not perform my prayers early in times, still gelojoh, still selfish, still still still still. Still this and still that.

You know, when I was there, ada pak arab yang seriously gatal. I don't know if he was intended to do such thing to me or not, but i was so pissed off I keep calling him Si Gatal. You know they say, when you're in the Holy land, you should really strengthen your intention and watch your mouth or Allah will send you something. And in my case, i got gatal gatal. Some parts of my body were turning red because i keep scratching and all. Some said i got those because of the water there. Guna air laut. But everybody else was fine and I was the one who got it. Then when we went to Madinah iI told my mum everything and she told me to do solat sunat taubat. I was embarrassed with myself.

Now i really really want to go there again. All the time I was there I felt so overwhelmed and humbled. God chose me. And I wasn't being grateful enough. So, today is 10 Muharam. In syaAllah, if u keep your trust on Allah, he keeps you in the right path In syaAllah.

And some pictures from the Holy land, Makkah alMukarramah and Madinah alMunawwarah.

 We're flying with Fly Emirates and guess what. They keep stuffing our stomach with the good food I think I gained 10 pounds on the plane.

At Dubai airport. So modern.

 More food. I got tired of taking food pictures.
 Jabal Rahmah. Just me and my brother. It's like you're climbing a Broga Hill. My mum was waited for us at the bus.

 They sell a lot of stuff. They're survivors.
 For jemaah haji.

 MasjidilHaram. MasyaAllah.

Behind MasjidilHaram. Got a big mall.

My only brother and my wonderful mum. I love them. Allah bless you Ibu for taking me there.

I will post more.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Honestly, I'm so sad i didn't go to Baskin Robbins today to meet my one and only, Vivy Yusof. She's got Baskin Robbins' event where she'll be scooping ice cream for everyone who comes from 12 pm tp 4 pm but what's the point of talking about it now. Life goes on.

Mum's cook is divine today. It's gulai daging masak lemak cili api *but not so cili for me* and ikan masak sambal yang merah tu. Man, I ate so much my stomach can walk by itself. Zzz. Later after that i was packing my stuff for tomorrow. Gonna head to Shah Alam like it's so far away. Starting from now, I'm gonna work my ass off to get everything done before the due date. I only got like 2 papers for final exams so i have no idea why I'm this lazy. I don't know what has possessed me. So crazy lazy I tell you! I woke up, watch TV, doing some house chores, chilling up, chill chill and chill and at night i'll go to uptown near my house to get Kaw Kaw Sat Ice Blended. Homaigawdddddddd it's soooo goodddd guys! Freaking good! It's located at uptown Jalan Reko, Bandar Baru Bangi and i have no idea why they chose the name but it's working. Like, 'Abang, chocolate blended kaw kaw sat satooooo.' Gosh, im gonna get some later.

Whatevs, the point is the laziness i have needs to be cured. I hope the Primrose i'm taking is on it.

Enough. I'm gonna study. Like now.

Friday, November 2, 2012


The day after tomorrow, holiday's gonna be over.
Ya Allah this is my final semester and i really don't wanna blow this one. But seriously, i haven't started a thing! My project, my assignments and tests are on the way. I'm so stress. But here i am doing other 'important' stuff, as if.

I got the last 2 weeks full to myself and i spent it so well! I slept very late at night, around 3am and i woke up soooo early like 12pm. This is one bad BAD habit i seriously need to overcome. I need to change this because IF my in-laws read this, I'm so busted. No one wants their daughter in law spend half of the day soaking in bed. But you know, i just need to spend 8 hours per day for sleep. Beauty sleep. But it ain't showing at my face. This thing really makes me wonder you know. I heard some experts said that your cells will be renewed and changed around 10 pm to 2 am and that shall happen only if you're sleeping. Or so, i don't know. So that must be it. The reason why it ain't showing at my face.

You know I have this retard friend, Bayyin. Just call her Bay. Her skin is sooo glowing like she's so white and fair even when she wakes up in the morning she looks like a vampire. No kidding! She told me she used to take that supplement Evening Primrose. Lupa la what brand. Kordels or something like that. So early this semester about 2 months ago, i was so semangat that i bought the product. Tadaaaa!

And you know they got like 60 softgel capsules in one bottle and i bought 2 bottles under the promotion. Which means it lasts for 4 months. 1 capsule for a day and you do the math. Only for RM 58! It's not an exact price but more or less. No preservatives and it's good guys. I used to have the digestion problem and I'm too embarrassed to talk about it here but whatever, this is good. And they're lots of any other brands at the Guardian and Pharmacies so go get one. It's for your inner health and also for the beauty purpose. 

Bay was the one who got this brand for me and it's affordable so if i can look like a vampire in the morning like her, it is soooo worth it.

Butter prawn;

Assalamualaikum folks! 
What a great day today y'all. It's overcast out there but I like it. So peaceful. I mean it's like Malaysia is constantly burning with 40 degree and Malaysian people are not happy with that. At least I'm not happy with that.

But! Enough with the weather thingy because I have something more important announcement to make. Today, I'm proudly to call myself a woman. I'm finally a grown up girl! I mean WOMAN. Because today, with gelabah-ness, I tell you people that I made a butter prawn. Yes. Butter prawn. *flips hair* I swear I feel like i can go join Masterchef now. See guys, cut me some slack here. This cooking thing is kinda a new thing for me so from my point of view, butter prawn sounds like, 'woahhhhh what an achievement.'

It was a chaos at the kitchen so now that i come to my senses that i cant go to Mastechef, at least for now coz it takes like 2 hours for one dish to complete. I'm suck with timing. I do everything right, I did the dishes right away, i chopped everything finely, but still, 2 hours. Timing sucks!Whatever.

Too much talking so here you go Prawn! 

Look good haaa people. I tell you it's magic that it turned out this fine. My previous attempts were all rubbish. But you know what they say, practice makes perfect. I got the recipe from here

I can kahwin sekarang.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Stomach ache;

You know the feeling when you're supposed to sleep but you can't because of the pain crawls and lingers inside of your stomach and feels like the pain is continuously moving and doesn't bother to stop. And by this, i mean it. REALLY REALLYYYY BAD. It hurts so much yo.

Well, this is one of those nights. It's awful.

Monday, October 15, 2012

More than 2 years;


Owh Hye people. Today! is the legendary day (kind of) because i finally write up some stuff, again in this freakin' blog of mine. It's been more that 2 years i didn't blog about my life, and my stuff, my favourites and my annoyance towards some people. You know, been busy with reality and school. But i miss it, to blog and being happy, because everytime i write, feels different.

Since i go into Shah Alam in furthering my degree in Civil Eng., i was cropped out of my usual activities. Every thing was changed. I got new friends, I finallyyyyy got someone which was sober enough to take me as his girlfriend (peace out you suckerrrs), and yes, i got a 'D' in my Math, which was, 'Yeah mum. I'm freaking fail. It wasn't my fault. The questions were bloody hard and you know, you should proud of me 'cause I'm gonna nail this subject in my second time'. Anddd that didn't happen. i didn't got A but whatever  i pained my ass out for the whole next semester struggling so i won't fail for the second time.

And yeah, I stopped blogging about the world and started to think about making changes to the world. Now, I smile a lot. And I cry a lot too. That's how i balancing my life. I'm trying to recycle stuff. I'm trying to respect people the way i want myself to be respected. I'm trying to obey orders without making faces. I'm trying to be a better person. I really do. And I hope the world is gonna be a safe place for all of us to live our lives and leave our own unique marks.

So, :) Make changes now.

Friday, July 29, 2011

i'm too proud to lose;

i'm currently working at RONA RONA COLLECTION. You guys GO visit!!

I tell you i'm dying to shop here IF i have a baby.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I love you, sayang.

I think i wanna marry you.

Officially 22;

Today, i'm 22 and 2-day-old. I'm thankful for all the good and bad things that have happened to me all this while. I'm so touched and moved by all the great wishes and sincere prayers that people around me been giving me. I have lots of amazing friends and beautiful people and sometimes, to be honest i don't even know what did i do to deserve friends like them, what did i have to give them back.

I'm hoping that i'd grow to be a person i'm longing to be, to change, to be blessed, and to do the right thing. It's all i'm asking. I have made so many mistakes in my life and i don't want to end up regretting what i did and crying and cursing and all that.

Thank you ALLAH for the opportunities that you've been giving me and please, don't let me go astray once you showed me the light.

I 'm proud to be a Muslim.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

It looks sooo cute it makes me screaming out loud AHHHHHH. I WANT THIS! I WANT THIS!! and just shut your stinking mouth up babayyh. Olriteee.

i never have tasted macaroons before. Wahhh..sure it tastes as good as it looks. Does it taste like chipsmore? *freaking don't have an idea.

this is emmm coconut macaroon. I guess?

Meatball at IKEA. I had it first time like what..2 months ago i guess and it's incredibly delicious youoolllsss. Sangat teruja. And i think it's super unique when they put that strawberry jam instead of ketchup. or whatseover sos kan.

Huhu...nak makan lagi. 5 meatballs RM5. You do the count.

For some reason, these pictures giving me goosebumps, and i don't know why the heck on earth should i feel that.

Song Hye Kyo is one of the Top 10 most beautiful people in my list. Who cares about MUAH whatsoever list right yeah i know.

I care. HAHAH.

Ayun Ayunar;

Takde motif. Saje suke tengok gamba dia. Sangat lawa. It's normal for ladies to fall for beautiful things.

Because we ARE beautiful BABAYHH!

Every woman is looking wonderful wearing something like this. YOU! out there should try some. Sometimes :)

(credit to . saya curik gambar ye. Terima kasih. Jangan tak halalkan pulak :) )